Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When doctors pop the question

Woke up in pain today. On the right side of my tummy. Which reminds me the first time I had this pain was when I was in uni. Since it happened around midnight, Seniors had to send me to the trauma and emergency unit of the University Hospital.

Waited till 3am for the nurse to check up on me.

And another hour before the doctor check up on me.

Right, the doctor suspected I was pregnant and wanted me to do a blood test. Another hour to wait before the results are out. And then around 5am...

That's not funny, doctor. I can't be giving birth to Jesus Christ. That reminds me, a police played a similar prank with me.

Totally not funny.

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kirksie boi said...

very cute blog pictures.
just a comment to tell you i like your blog simplicity.

much better than the blogs that are laden with boring sentences and rows after rows of words (hey sounds like mine!)