Monday, December 31, 2007

Caught almost-naked?

It was a hot hot day when I was staying over at my friend's place. I couldn't bear it so I took off my clothes. Leaving me in my undergarments.

Guys are so lucky because they get to get naked on such hot days and others would take it such a serious thing.

Was having fun reading some manga in my laptop when...

Someone came in. Since covering up was effortless, I tried to be cool about it.

I had to pretend I was Tyra Banks.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Towel-less bath

I'm staying at my friend's place for the mean time. I was happily having my bath when...

Yeap, I didn't bring any towel. I gathered all my intelligence and used any resources available.

Smart, eh?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hate packing

Yes, I really hate packing. I also hate flights. Or maybe because AirAsia offers the most uncomfortable flight ever. If you want to fly cheap, you can't expect the quality to be any better.

Oh, I hate the seats.

It's a three seater! If the person sitting in the inner section wants to go for a pee pee, and the person at the outer section is sleeping. Well, just wear a diaper.

I absolutely hate the seats!

Ow, my aching back after 2 and a half hours of flight. If I was richer I wouldn't be taking MAS either. I'd be Paris Hilton on a private jet. Right, I don't want to be that ditsy.

I just finished packing. And in 6 hours, I'll look like this.

I look like a nerd.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The secret to having bigger boobs

Or so I thought.

I wonder what went wrong with my genes, every female member of the family seemed to have big boobs, how come I'm so indifferent? That is, I think I've found the secret!

The difference in our living habits is, our sleeping position.

They sleep face down. There were times when I thought they might be dead.

I tried it myself but...

Whenever I want to commit suicide, I'll do that.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When doctors pop the question

Woke up in pain today. On the right side of my tummy. Which reminds me the first time I had this pain was when I was in uni. Since it happened around midnight, Seniors had to send me to the trauma and emergency unit of the University Hospital.

Waited till 3am for the nurse to check up on me.

And another hour before the doctor check up on me.

Right, the doctor suspected I was pregnant and wanted me to do a blood test. Another hour to wait before the results are out. And then around 5am...

That's not funny, doctor. I can't be giving birth to Jesus Christ. That reminds me, a police played a similar prank with me.

Totally not funny.

Too old to club

Finally went clubbing during this christmas eve. Old habits may be kicking back, m youth has return! But once I hit the dance floors.

Yeap, I am too old.


Never thought I'd say this, but I'm sick. Sick during this festive season. It all happened when I accompanied a friend to buy a birthday. I didn't want to go because the super huge crowds on holidays, but I hadn't got any presents for anyone. So anyway, the symptom kicked in when we were looking at cards.

Wanted to faint. Of course, I wouldn't hesitate if there were cute guys around.

Got home and went to bed. Woke up in a much more terrible condition.

I wish that everybody is in pink of health.

Because you don't want to end up like this.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Sorry, I hadn't had time to update. So much to do but so little time. I'll be back to KL this Friday. So there's a lot to do although there's lots of stuff I want to draw scribble.

I'll update 2 more entries latter in the day. Btw, my brother came back from Singapore today. He missed his flight two days ago. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Guess what? I asked for a french maid cosplay costume. He didn't get me it, sadly. But he promised to get me that next time round.

Instead, he got me...

I'm bringing it back to KL, to act as my pillow. But carrying it up the flight...

Let's just pretend my bf gave it to me. But I can't help thinking that it's incest. >.>

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Padded underwear

Today my surrogate sister was suppose to come and have dinner with me, but she couldn't make it. In which reminds me, I hadn't got her a christmas present. I was thinking an underwear but I already bought me one and her mother gave her one type of underwear which I didn't think existed.

For my birthday, she gave me a red G string with cute presentey ribbons to match. It's like saying, "Come and take me boys, I'm the present".

Totally not sexy. Turned out, I did wore them and I remember guys were trying to peek because I was wearing an uber short white, a little transparent pants. Maybe not such a good choice for your birthday. Your boyfriend's birthday, yes. Your own birthday, no.

Anyway, Priscilla was telling me that she told her mother how her ass was too small. Her mother agreed. You see, my surrogate sister is 12 years older than me. She's afraid she might end up a spinster. Having a big ass means you could give birth to many many tons of children. An asset to add to the wedding resume. Mother in laws love this, you know. (They don't need a daughter in law, they need a cow.)

So visual is everything. So her mother bought her some padded underwear. Not your bra, but your underwear.

It's more or less like the padded bra.





She wasn't really convinced with the results though. So she took out the pad from one side of her ass.

Then she went and asked her friend if there was any difference.

Is she blind or something?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Skirt disaster

Today I got all dressed up and went shopping. Mum woke us up real early because she wanted to avoid the crowd. Right, as if we could.

It's a hot day so I settled with a halter and mini skirt. When I say mini, it's real mini.

Of I go to shopping with my mother (she pays the bills) and my two sisters. My younger sister is kind of tom-boyish so mother asked me and my other sister to help her at least get a more feminine short pants.

I wondered why, every pants my sister put on was, how should I put it, it looked like she had an addition organ.

Anyway, when I went to look for accessories I had to bend down, didn't realise my skirt was folded at the back. My sisters did, but were having fun staring from behind.

That was until some perverts were staring my ass from behind.

We had tea at Burger King. Mother had black pepper burger. I was busy talking to my sisters when she stuffed the remainings of her burger to my mouth.

Black pepper sauce stain on my skirt!

I looked like I'm having menstrual coming out of the wrong place. Don't people get period stains on the back of their skirts. Well, I had it in front. I wonder what people thought of me when I walk past them.

I should have worn pants.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My cat, the womanizer

Neko is the name of my cat. I am a cat lover. But my parents is not. At least not until my cat claimed territory on everybody's bed.

Of course, he even left present for every one. Not only for my parents. My sisters as well.

Looks like my cat loves me too much. Or hates me.

When I left for Uni, I heard my baby Neko meowed for 3 days 3 nights as if he sensed the absence of me. Or maybe because nobody is there to feed him. >.>

Patiences has it limits.

Dad said Neko went out to fight often. Perhaps looking for a mother's love. Sigh. How sweet of Neko to feel that way. Neko was barely at home. When I returned, he started to stay a while in the house before going to his vicious fights for self discovery.

How was I to know that my baby is doing some feline out there and perhaps trying to escape from responsibility by staying at home next to his mama?

It was a few days back when Neko brought her home. She was skinny and as any mother would, I scolded Neko for engaging in a relationship too soon. Suspected they had already done it but hope she doesn't get pregnant or something.

Usually I would welcome other cats with open arms but I know Dad won't be so fond of it. So I had to suck it up and harden my heart. Sob... Because Dad is a dog lover and I'm getting him a ChiHuaHua soon, nobody is going to care for the cats.

The wife's been coming here for 3 days now. After my collapse of the registration, I woke up to be in more shock.

... He brought back 3 kids.

I don't get any peace and quiet.

I'm old.