Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eye brows

I was staring myself in the mirror, when I suddenly had a flash back of when I first got my eye brows done. I used to have bushy beast-like eye brows.

Then I went and got my eye brows done. It feels good to look good. Except...

I look like some ugly auntie who shaved off all her eye brow and had them tattooed. Lucky, a friend helped me shape it.

I'm beautiful. Haha. And I left to Uni in KL. Unfamiliar with the places in KL. I hadn't did my eye brows for 3 months. And something bad happened.

I'm mono browed!

The horrors.


Im[a]She said...

your story is very, have you tried threading? its kinda painful but its nice..

Rei said...

I did and yes it hurt like hell though my friend said its actually supposed to be painless. Maybe it's cause of the pimples T.T but

ҜЄhz ^^**Ψ**♀♂ said...

haha... funny.. but i dun think is tat bad btw..