Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Xiah JunSoo

今日は ジュンスの 誕生日です。
Todavia es el cumpleamos de Xiah JunSoo.

Today's the birthday of Xiah JunSoo. His 21st birthday. At this very moment, he's at Bangkok, Thailand. I hope he's having a warm gathering together with his friends. I hope he's not...

1. Dancing in the clubs with transvestites.

2. Having a massage where as the ladies touch him there* and there*.

3. Hitting the sleazy pubs where women barely dress at all (or are they not women?)

4. Getting drunk and sleeping with just any woman (he's a christian!)

5. Still rehearsing for the tour concert?!

6. Cross dressing just keep away from fans and the media to celebrate a normal birthday (then again, I would love to see that).

7. Watching porn to celebrate. (He's hitting 21)

8. Having bunny ladies jump out of the birthday cake and strip dance for him.

9. Making out with just some girl. (then again, his first kiss hasn't been taken yet.)

10. Having a gay party with the rest of the TVXQ gang.

Happy Birthday!

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