Saturday, December 8, 2007

Almost the end our one-month Japanese course

It's been three weeks and I have learned a lot from sensé (せんせい or 先生). It would be superb if i could continue class but I'm a university student after all. I'll be going back to Kuala Lumpur end of this December.

Sad but true. However, if lady luck's smiling at me, I might be taking Japanese class in the university if there is seatings, of course. Now I'll be praying hard. =D

Enclosed is our class photo. Yúji-kun 雄二君 (Jonathan Y)'s was not around though, he went to some driving exam.

From the left; Jonathan (Setsuna-kun せつな君), My sister (Sachiko-san 幸子さん), Me (Réko 鈴子), Kobayashi Sensé -Japanese married to a local (小林先生), Jessica (Miyuki-san 美雪さん) and Adeline (Yóko-san 洋子さん).

Well, there's still one more week of class and... exam! But I must be grateful for the opportunity given to me.

だから 先生 有賀とございました!

私は 日本語が 大好きです!

どうぞ よろしく。


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