Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hate packing

Yes, I really hate packing. I also hate flights. Or maybe because AirAsia offers the most uncomfortable flight ever. If you want to fly cheap, you can't expect the quality to be any better.

Oh, I hate the seats.

It's a three seater! If the person sitting in the inner section wants to go for a pee pee, and the person at the outer section is sleeping. Well, just wear a diaper.

I absolutely hate the seats!

Ow, my aching back after 2 and a half hours of flight. If I was richer I wouldn't be taking MAS either. I'd be Paris Hilton on a private jet. Right, I don't want to be that ditsy.

I just finished packing. And in 6 hours, I'll look like this.

I look like a nerd.

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mrbherng said...

The no frills airlines are meant for people who travel light. It's a nightmare to bring lots of stuff with you. I am not too sure about AirAsia, but many airlines in Europe have a free sitting policy.. try to get the emrgency exit seats, they have a lot more leg space and *touch wood* if anything goes wrong, you will be the nearest to safety =P