Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Molested by a 5 year old

I went caroling last night. This year, it wasn't as enjoyable because I could tell that the people felt awkward when we came and sang. Well, it is, after all, one of the church's idea to collect money. But seriously, perhaps everybody is losing their christmas spirit. I, for one, am on the verge of losing it. I guess it's important to do stuff with your family and friends. But the real meaning of christmas is about a certain someone, shouldn't I be doing things concerning him more? I don't know. I should be figuring that out though.

Anyway, I've got molested by a 5 year old at the after party. Yes, you heard me. Not the innocent touch-your-ass kind of thing. This little kid shoved his hand to *ahem* under my ass. Words could barely describe how I felt back then.

If that wasn't enough. He was chasing me around the room and doing me again and again. I tried to make it look like it's not a game. How would I know he would call on more kids to do the same to me. How am I going to explain that this is sexual harrassment?

I thought maybe sitting down would stop them. Boy, was I ever wrong. Never underestimate a kid.

Tried sitting sticking my back to the chair and adding a pillow on my lap. And this happened.

The perverted kid aimed for the *beep* *beep*. I am dumb found. Should I sue the kid or something?

What was I suppose to do? Pretend that it's okay? It'll make me look like I was having fun. Like I was the pervert.

This is just so wrong!


Jasonmumbles said...

Very well drawn comic! Haha! Had a good time laughing off. Well, you should have just scolded the kid or talk to his parents. I think the kid knows what he is doing and he finds fun in doing it.

Danny Foo said...

ROFL! Same here...I was laughing as it came to the chair...then pillow made me flip.

And there's still a large smile on me. LOL!

Well, I suppose to them it's like tag and their way of grabbing your attention. Since it did.. :P

Rei said...

Yeah, no parent would want to know their kid is some pervert >.> the incoming hand at the pillow part was... how should I put it.. it took my soul away..

thanks for reading =D