Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rejection and cancellation

It's been a while since I dressed up pretty. Ever since I enter uni, I hadn't worn a decent dress or had make up on. Yes, I gave up every means to be a woman.

I became...

a creature not worthy being classified as a woman!

After five months in abandoning my femininity, I struggled to be fabulous again. Of course, there's got to be parties where I can flaunt my sex appeal. Yet, the one true problem remains...

I don't have any invites! Or... I always get canceled!

It always happens like this.

Then after getting hyped about everything. This, happens.

After several countless cancellations, I gave up my femininity and became...

Oh to be a woman again. Holidays are coming to an end, and when I'm heading back to uni, god knows I might turn into something much more worse than a man.

Give me back my femininity!


nicholas said...

sorry for making u un-feminine ><" trust me getting canceled was not the plan..
promise to make it up to u before u get back to uni and become a man k.
lots of apologies D=

btw the cartoon thing on ur blog.. its entertaining ^^

Rei said...

im going back this week, dun think you guys can plan something big this week

nicholas said...

we'll see if something cooks. this time i'll confirm with u after im inside the car.