Saturday, December 22, 2007

Skirt disaster

Today I got all dressed up and went shopping. Mum woke us up real early because she wanted to avoid the crowd. Right, as if we could.

It's a hot day so I settled with a halter and mini skirt. When I say mini, it's real mini.

Of I go to shopping with my mother (she pays the bills) and my two sisters. My younger sister is kind of tom-boyish so mother asked me and my other sister to help her at least get a more feminine short pants.

I wondered why, every pants my sister put on was, how should I put it, it looked like she had an addition organ.

Anyway, when I went to look for accessories I had to bend down, didn't realise my skirt was folded at the back. My sisters did, but were having fun staring from behind.

That was until some perverts were staring my ass from behind.

We had tea at Burger King. Mother had black pepper burger. I was busy talking to my sisters when she stuffed the remainings of her burger to my mouth.

Black pepper sauce stain on my skirt!

I looked like I'm having menstrual coming out of the wrong place. Don't people get period stains on the back of their skirts. Well, I had it in front. I wonder what people thought of me when I walk past them.

I should have worn pants.

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chrizsim said...

You draw such cuute cartoons. I like :D