Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maybe I'm just jealous

My sister doesn't have a vision of what she wants to do with life. And now she thinks further education is wasting her life. She just completed the STPM which is equivalent to 'A' levels.

Influenced by a friend, she now wants to be an air stewardess. You know, dressing up like a doll, putting on make-up, proudly saying that you're working for an airline and feeling that jealousy vibe everywhere you go. Well, that's all the good side she's seeing.

It is pretty naive for her to think things would go smoothly just as long as she has a pretty face. But i think she's wrong. It takes more than that. You have be cunning after all.

Then again, perhaps I'm just jealous because I know I can't accomplish that. I don't have a pretty face even though we're from the same parents. Yet, I'm happy with my accomplishment.

I hope she succeeds in life as she wishes.

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kev said...

Como de costumbre, todo el mundo había nacido de su propia necesidad de goal.no celoso. Como pienso, que son más inteligentes que ella.