Sunday, December 23, 2007

Padded underwear

Today my surrogate sister was suppose to come and have dinner with me, but she couldn't make it. In which reminds me, I hadn't got her a christmas present. I was thinking an underwear but I already bought me one and her mother gave her one type of underwear which I didn't think existed.

For my birthday, she gave me a red G string with cute presentey ribbons to match. It's like saying, "Come and take me boys, I'm the present".

Totally not sexy. Turned out, I did wore them and I remember guys were trying to peek because I was wearing an uber short white, a little transparent pants. Maybe not such a good choice for your birthday. Your boyfriend's birthday, yes. Your own birthday, no.

Anyway, Priscilla was telling me that she told her mother how her ass was too small. Her mother agreed. You see, my surrogate sister is 12 years older than me. She's afraid she might end up a spinster. Having a big ass means you could give birth to many many tons of children. An asset to add to the wedding resume. Mother in laws love this, you know. (They don't need a daughter in law, they need a cow.)

So visual is everything. So her mother bought her some padded underwear. Not your bra, but your underwear.

It's more or less like the padded bra.





She wasn't really convinced with the results though. So she took out the pad from one side of her ass.

Then she went and asked her friend if there was any difference.

Is she blind or something?


Sharon said...

hey there,
i stumbled upon ur blog and just dropping to say i enjoyed it ;) funny and imaginative blog u have there, keep up the work!

Jonathan said...

they actually sell padded underwear. it looks like this one's even US patented. try LOL! check it out!

Anonymous said...

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