Tuesday, January 1, 2008

If I were Xiah JunSoo's girlfriend

I wonder what life would be like if i was xiah's non-existant imaginative girlfriend.

For those who don't know who is Xiah JunSoo, he's a member of TVXQ. Please refer to my previous post here.

Here's an adorable picture of my non-existant imaginative boyfriend.

So here's a list of what favorable things that would happen if I were Xiah's girlfriend.

1. I get to wake up in bed next to him!

2. I get to be in the photo shoot with the group!

See me behind Max?

3. Best of all, I get to kiss xiah!

*Lousy editing, I know.

Extracted from old blog - I decided not to put my real picture to avoid obsessive fans.

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