Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The armpit hair tactic

Yes, this is another post about armpit hair. I hadn't been able to update much this week due to the grueling basketball training. The competition has began and my team is now in the semi finals. More matches tomorrow. Owh, my body is too old to take it anymore.

We didn't have basketball uniforms made because there's some cheapskate around. So we borrowed the uniforms from the guys' team. And boy, it's damn huge! Moreover I'm petite sized. They gave me XL. The shorts are touching the ground.

They are a bunch of meanies.

In the end, they gave me a L size. But the number...

As the match went on, I suddenly remember a very important thing I forgot to do before the match.

Oh and one more thing, I'm an expect in making an mild injury look terrible.

I love basketball for its cute guys.

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