Monday, September 5, 2011


In life, we struggle, will we ever get there?

People say we should set our goals and be motivated to get there. What motivates us? There's a reason to get to the place or level you want to be. There's a goal but where's the motivation, if you have a goal, there should be the motivation.

What if, you're sick and tired of the situation, but you're not doing anything about it? You're weak, you're tired, you wish eveything could just die off like at the snap of a finger.

You don't want to fight anymore. You just want someone, someone special to be there for you. A shoulder to lie on. To tell you "it's going to be okay". I've been comforted oh so much, now emptiness is something I have to get used to. Life's not a fairy tale, so it definitely doesn't end with happy ever after. Yet, we're humans waiting for salvation, waiting to be saved, not from enemies, but from the darkness of our hearts.

I wish I was a bimbo, or maybe I am, just worried about the petty things like what to wear tomorrow, or how am I going to fix this chipped nail.

Everybody's got their problems. I just want to dwell in this sinful life. Drugs, alcohol and sex just so I can ignore and run away from this ache I have. That's how weak I am, to resort to alien substance to make myself feel better. Hopefully I'll find the strength to one day get up, sober.

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