Sunday, February 24, 2008

Manga update

I should have update this a month ago but I got engrossed in reading those downloaded manga. I have a few things to celebrate. And this is why

1. Love celeb - complete (raw)
2. Love monster - complete (raw)
3. Beauty pop - until vol. 9 (raw)
4. Perfect girl evolution - till vol. 17 (raw)
5. Ouran high school! (forgot till where) (raw)
6. Ghost hunt - till vol.9 (raw)
7. God save our king - tll chapter 19 (raw)
8. a whole 15GB of manga of newly downloaded manga!

That's what I did during the chinese new year holidays. I can't download anymore now that I'm back in this hostel T.T

Of course, it'll take a while before I'll update the manga list. Some titles could be such a hectic.

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