Sunday, February 3, 2008

Girly brother?

I'm not going back to Kota Kinabalu for the chinese new year holidays. That means that I won't be receiving any ang paos from my relatives. Stupid stupid of me for forgetting to book airplane tickets.

I didn't even know that the hostel will be closed too! So now here I am in my brother's condo. My relationship with my brother is well, okay. He always gave people the impression that he's tough by showing his rippling muscles.

He has the man-liness qualities. But today, when I moved in...

Tough guy talking about shoes? I think not.

To make things worse, he told me...

A... A++...? That's going to be even bigger than mine! Noo! I can't have a brother having bigger boobs than me!

1 comment:

mEn_m3n said...

LOLzzzz.... ur bro sriously is.... speech-less.... wth?!?! A++?!??!?!! *faint*